breaking ground in Christ

Rene & Kate Nevarez, missionaries


Rene met the Lord as an intern at "The Ranch," as it is nicknamed. Years later, we are happy to be working with the current patients and their families.

We receive men and boys ages 12+ at the two ranch-style facilities in the mountains, about a 4-hour drive from Juarez. They come with various drug- & alcohol-related addictions or serious behavioral problems.

While the guys are in rehab, we work directly with their family members through weekly classes and counseling to help them make adjustments to avoid the addiction becoming recurring.

Rene is the one who interviews all the adults who wish to enter the rehab program to detemine their eligibility and how we can best help them. He also helps with follow-up with the men through the church.

Since January 2017, Kate is the general administrator for the rehab center offices in Juarez, where she oversees every part of what we do - from the legal paperwork to accounting of donations and expenses to making sure the vehicles used to transport donations and patients are in working order.


God calls us to be His hands and feet in this world, serving others as a way of demonstrating His love.  Administrative tasks, cleaning, organizing, and giving are a few expressions of this service.


Many believe in Jesus' love, but they struggle to apply Biblical teaching to daily life. We enjoy helping others think through their problems in the light of God's Word to find real solutions..


Whether from the pulpit or in the Sunday school classroom, we love to teach others about all of God's amazing attriubtes and practical ways to live a life of victory in Christ.

The church is open to the community of Juarez, Mexico, with an emphasis on helping families put their lives back together, whether dealing with addictions or disfunctionality.

The majority of our congregation are families who came to know Christ through the Casa Triunfo rehab center, so discipleship of these new believers is a top priority.

We place a strong emphasis on worship and prayer, Bible study, and family counseling. We believe in raising up children in God's love.

As the volunteer assistant pastor, Rene helps plan worship services & discipleship classes, and he preaches about once a month. He also handles all of the church finances, including bookkeeping.

Kate helps the women of the church through Bible studies & personal ministry/counseling.


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