In late 2019, God moved us on from the ministry focus He had set for us from 2014-2019. We have been working since January 2020, to prepare for this new ministry focus:  a community center for young people, where they can receive counseling, guidance, and rehabilitation for many of the issues that today´s youth face on a daily basis.


      Our first step is to legally constitute a Mexican non-profit organization to give us a platform to work from in a transparent framework. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the legal paperwork has been stalled and delayed in various ways, but we now have a board of directors of 5 trusted advisors who will help oversee the ministry´s work and help keep moving toward completing the mission and vision. As soon as we can get the paperwork signed and approved by the government, we will be able to start helping at-risk youth.


     As a second step, we plan to open a residencial rehab center for young men ages 13-29. In June, 2020, a long-term acquaintance loaned us a 3-bedroom house with a very large backyard to start this project. She is loaning it to us for the next several months, with the option to buy the property for the ministry if we can get the funding together.

     Adrian, Braulio & Christian, three young men who have been living and training with us since December 2019, moved into the ministry house in early June 2020, and they have been working on minor repairs needed to make it a home for themselves, an office for the ministry activities, and eventually a safe-house for young men in a 6-month residential drug & alcohol rehab program.  Adrian, Braulio & Christian will be full-time, on-site counselors for the center once it opens.


     A third step (for which we are only doing research, planning & praying currently) will be outreach and counseling services for young women with unwanted pregnancies who do not have family support. As legal abortions become easier in Mexico (only the past few years), many young girls see it as their "only" option when they do not have the support of the baby´s father and/or their own families.  We want to provide psychological counseling, information about other options, parenting classes, prenatal care, and legal advice to such women in an attempt to help them choose an option besides abortion.



Our ministry work


God calls us to be His hands and feet in this world, serving others as a way of demonstrating His love.  Administrative tasks, cleaning, organizing, and giving are a few expressions of this service.

SEED: Community for
Family Restoration


Whether from the pulpit or in small discipleship groups, we love to teach others about all of God's amazing attriubtes and practical ways to live a life of victory in Christ.


Many believe in Jesus' love, but they struggle to apply Biblical teaching to daily life. We enjoy helping others think through their problems in the light of God's Word to find real solutions..

breaking ground in Christ

Rene & Kate Nevarez, missionaries