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david's story - God´s redeeming grace & love

David Nicolas was born in the back of our car on the way to the hospital! 

His birth mother contacted us 2 months before his birth through a mutual acquaintance - Lety, who was our first new believer at the church here in Juarez. Lety met the Lord through the parenting clases we teach weekly for family members of men & teens in the rehab center where we work.  She has been in Kate´s discipleship group for 2 years, and she knew we were seeking to adopt. When David´s birth mother asked Lety to adopt her unborn child, she gave her our phone number and told her we were a family who would love and care for the baby.

The day he was born, we visited the birth mother to pray for her and Baby David, and within hours she was in full-on labor and calling to ask for a ride to the hospital. But when we got to her, the baby was already crowning. 

Lety, our friend, is an experienced nurse, and since she was termporarily living in our back apartment (she has since moved out), she had accompanied us "just in case." God was orchestrating it all, because Lety had to deliver David in the back seat of our Mazda 3, with his birth mother clinging to my hand from the front seat and Rene driving like ​The Fast and the Furious​ to get to the nearest clinic!

We were present for his entire birth, and when I touched his palm with my finger (learning back from the front seat), he clung to me until we reached the emergency room.

Due to the movie-like circumstances, I was also able to stay with him all night in the clinic, giving him his first bottle, changing his diapers from the first moment, and cuddling him from the very beginning.

When birth mother and baby were released the next day, she signed over temporary custody until we can finalize the long, complicated adoption process. He came home with us that very day!

For someone who was "rejected" from conception, David is a living example of God´s love and redemption, as he is now surrounded by family (ours & church family) who love him wholeheartedly.

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sammy's story

Doctors told us before we got married that we might not be able to have children. When our son was born, we named him Samuel, which means "God answers prayer." His life so far has been a testimony to just that.

Sam was born with breathing and digestive problems, and he spent his first 13 days in intermediate care in a hospital in Puebla, Mexico.

At age 9, he still struggles with fine motor skills like writing neatly and gripping small objects.

Sammy did not speak intelligible words until age 5 1/2, and even then he spoke in one- & two-syllable words for some time. He began speaking in full sentences at age 6 1/2, and he still has trouble forming questions correctly in both English and Spanish.

Our son is a fighter, an overcomer, but we know that it is all because God answers prayer!

breaking ground in Christ

Rene & Kate Nevarez, missionaries

2003 - Kate moved to Puebla, Mexico to volunteer   full-time at Esperanza Viva Youth Home.

Rene overcame a drug addiction at Casa Triunfo Christian rehab center and committed his life to following & serving Jesus.

2004 - Rene attended La Viña Ministry School in Puebla, where Kate was one of the missionary teachers. Later a friendship and eventually courtship began over e-mail while Rene volunteered full-time at a church in Juarez, Mexico.

2005 - We got engaged, and Rene moved to Puebla to volunteer full time in the ministries there. We were married in November.

2007 - Samuel was born while we continued serving in full-time ministry in Puebla.

2008 -2013 - Rene & Kate served in the church, ministryschool & youth home in Puebla.

2014 -Our family moved 1200 miles to Juarez, Mexico to follow God's next step for us.

2018  -​ David Nicolas was born in the backseat of our car, and we began the adoption process shortly after!