Trivia Game
How much do you know about us?
Try to answer the questions below
to find out!

1. Where did Rene propose to Kate?

    a. park   b. Esperanza Viva Youth Home  

    c. fancy restaurant   d. McDonald's

2. What is Sammy's favorite movie?

    a. Lion King   b. The Grinch   c. Mr. Sherman & Peabody  

    d. Madagascar 2

3. What is our favorite family activity?

    a. playing soccer   b. walking in the park   c. watching movies  

    d. going shopping

4. Rene is the _________ of ____ siblings.

    a. oldest / 4   b. middle / 5   c. youngest / 3   d. youngest / 6

5. Where did Kate learn to speak Spanish?

    a. high school   b. Mexico   c. Ecuador   d. Argentina

6. Who is our collective favorite super hero?

    a. Batman   b. Captain America   c. Iron Man   d. Superman

7. What continent would Sammy like to visit most?

    a. Africa   b. Australia   c. Asia   d. South America

8. What organized sport did Rene play throughout his childhood?

    a. soccer   b. basketball   c. baseball   d. wrestling

9. How many first cousins does Sammy have?

    a. 13   b. 5   c. 16   d. 3

10. What is our family dog's name?

   a. Conejo ("Rabbit")   b. Bob   c. Oso ("Bear")   d. Joshua

11. What is Sam's favorite subject in school?

   a. swimming.   b. science   c. Spanish   d. math

Nevarez Family Fun!

breaking ground in Christ

Trivia answers: 1.d, 2.a, 3.b, 4.d, 5.c, 6.b, 7.a, 8.c, 9.a, 10.c, 11.a

Rene & Kate Nevarez, missionaries