• Legal adoption process for David Nicolas
  • A visa for Rene to visit the U.S.
  • Samuel´s homeschooling
  • Provision for our family & ministry needs

you can make a difference


for the needy

Serving Others

God has called us to lead others to a real, solid relationship with His Son

     For more than 17 years, we have tried to make God's will our first priority, and He has led us on many adventures in our own love relationship with Him.     

     Jesus has also constantly asked us to be willing to serve others in many different ways, all with the hope that we "might by all means save some" (1 Cor. 9:22 KJV).

     Our greatest desire is to bring glory to God by bringing others closer into His loving embrace.

     In Christ there are always opportunities for a fresh start. This means so much to us, and it helps us give hope to others who are broken, lost, hurting, and seeking help.

     God has not called us to one geographic location, but rather to people who need Him, wherever He may lead us.

the heart of our work

  • Wisdom for all God calls us to do in His name
  • Holy Spirit to move powerfully in our family & ministry
  • God to use us to disciple others to follow Jesus

pieces of the puzzle

     God has called all the parts of His body to work together for mutual benefit (1 Cor. 12). Our primary focus is on outreach ministry in Juarez, Mexico, and we are honored to be able to participate with different organizations, serving as just pieces of the puzzle that God is forming to do His will.

       We are excited to see how He puts it together!

"Comunidad de Restauración Familiar Semilla, A.C." (The Seed Community of Family Restoration) Mexican non-profit opened its doors to young men with problems of drug/alcohol abuse and addiction in December 2020.

The Mexican non-profit ministry is establish a full-time, residential rehab program where young boys ages 12-17 will receive 6 months of live-in treatment. During that time we work with their family members to help them work through dynamics in their relationships that are detrimental to the sobriety of their young men.

Juarez, Mexico has a high rate of drug abuse and addiction among teenagers, and there is only one other center in the city that treats teenage boys. "The Seed" rehab center will help fill the need for Christ-centered treatment that helps them overcome not just the use/abuse of substances but also the emotional and spiritual wounds that lead them to drugs.

Rene spent all of 2020 training three young men (Adrian, Braulio & Christian) to be the ministry's live-in staff who directly lead the boys in rehab to deal with their "issues" and learn to make better choices.

Reneoversees allaspects of the rehab center and continues training the staff. Kate currently does the ministry accounting from home and helps with administrative work while homeschooling.Together we teach classes to the families and help them overcome their own traumas in order to establish necessary boundaries with their teens.

Our desire is to see every young man and their families dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ, the only One truly capable of bringing about real change in our lives. 

David Nicolas (soon Nevarez)

Son, beloved, victorious adventurer

     Since we began serving God full-time in Mexico more than 17 years ago, we have trusted Him to provide for all our needs, and He uses people like you to do that in many different ways.

     You can help us spread Jesus' love. We are grateful for your monetary donations, prayer, and support in other ways.

Samuel Nevarez

Son, animal lover, adventurer, overcomer

Kate McConnell Nevarez

Mother & counselor teaching how to hear God's voice and obey


god´s word


the hurting



  • Adrian, Braulio & Christian, the 3 young men working with us to set up a youth ministry in the midst of the pandemic
  • ​"Semilla" youth ministry with plans to help teens & young adults with addiction, unwanted pregnancy & different kinds of abuse  

breaking ground in Christ

Rene Nevarez

Father, seeker & teacher of living in Christ's presence

Rene & Kate Nevarez, missionaries